Święty Wojciech Dom Medialny
Year / Industry:
2015 / Publishing House
8 months
UX, Graphic design, B2C eCommerce, ERP integration, Custom .Net development, Azure hosting, Online marketing services


The most well-known bookstore in Poznań, where Predictes HQ is located, is Księgarnia Świętego Wojciecha. The bookshop is a department of Święty Wojciech Dom Medialny (St. Adalbert Media House), which publishes books since 1897. It distributes Holy Bible, textbooks for religious education, pastoral and catechetical aids, prayer books, books on faith and spirituality, guides, fiction, and books for children and adolescents. 

In 2017 Święty Wojciech Media House celebrates the jubilee 120 years of its existence.



After facing a technical and marketing barrier to a growth of existing online store, the company started looking for a solution. The most common answer in the company was to build the new e-commerce on the new version of CMS system, provided by cooperating interactive agency.

To follow the challenges of modern reading, the publisher also would like to publish and sell ebooks and audiobooks, available for readers and on mobile devices. As a provider of high-quality content, the company had a plan of a monetization of content, available in its archives. In addition to its products, the company would like to offer a rich collection of books, textbooks and Christian magazines for a broad audience, produced by other publishing houses. At that time the company owned one e-commerce site and five websites dedicated to owned magazines aiming at different target groups.

For rapidly increase the company’s revenue Święty Wojciech needed to use the different method than usual. The company was looking for a complex solution to like an all-in-one solution combining Online marketing, eCommerce and CMS features so that they could make the most out of their marketing campaigns and increase their conversion rates through content personalization.

The Media House was looking for an ally, who could meet all above needs on the one hand, and who would provide broad expertise and advisory in areas of eCommerce, SEO, Content management and modern approach to digital marketing on the other.

The solution

Kentico EMS

Kentico was a perfect match to the customer’s needs. This enterprise-class platform offers built-in CMS, eCommerce and marketing feature in one engine, which made crafting the solution easier. Kentico all-in-one solution also allowed to reduce the future maintenance costs, by avoiding costly integrations. The architecture of the Kentico EMS platform gave us the much-needed flexibility in developing customer-specific features, while still maintaining the upgradability of the entire solution.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allowed for a quick deployment, and provides the power and security the customer needs. The solution was deployed as a Windows Azure Web App – this provides the possibility to flexibly manage the processing power to meet seasonal peaks in customer visits and transactions, while only paying for actual usage.


Predictes offered a unique combination of marketing, eCommerce, Kentico development and Microsoft Azure competencies. The customer has a single provider for the entire solution.

The results

Overall results

The company owns a complex ecosystem, build with two e-commerce sites and five websites, which can deliver personalised customer experience across them. It's a next a strategic advantage of Święty Wojciech Media House.

Stabile raise of the revenue

The first month after going live: transactions, revenue and number of page views exceeded a plan by 250%

Multi-site management

An ecosystem of 7 sites exchanging data with each other to deliver personalised customer experience.

New sources of the revenue

Paywall, Paid membership, Selling ebooks and goods from other suppliers

Uptime of Windows Azure

Using Windows Azure provided the flexibility and full control of costs

The rest of business results

  • Significant Increase in customer engagement, number of comments, reviews.
  • Number of orders increased by 35%, average order value increased by 25%,
  • Time spent on site increased by 15%,  
  • Open rate for Newsletters increased by 30% due to personalization.

Marketing results

  • Marketing is no longer perceived as a cost only - they now clearly generate value.
  • Marketing staff can execute the clear majority of their duties with no need to interact with IT, which increases the company’s ability to execute the marketing strategy.
  • Marketing is now able to test different variants of content, layout and messaging much faster with A/B and MVT testing features of the platform, so they allocate their budgets far more accurately.
  • Marketing finally has the ability to combine different types of activities (lead scoring, personalization, marketing automation, campaign management etc.) in one tool - they do not have to maintain (and pay for) competence in using several different tools anymore.
  • A centralized view of all activities for each customer has been a major improvement in terms of data analysis for Marketing.

IT results

  • There is only one, unified environment for in-house digital marketing now, therefore IT is spending less time and money for integrations.
  • IT’s time has been freed-up, as they no longer need to support marketing in their daily duties.
  • Microsoft’s technology and Azure provide IT with the security and scalability they need, so they do not have to assign additional resource to create and maintain additional infrastructure.
  • Kentico’s 7-days bug-fixing policy give IT the ability to permanently solve any platform-related problems in a reasonable time.
  • The IT team is secured with ongoing support from Predictes (SLA) and knowledge is being constantly transferred to the company’s IT team from Predictes.

How we got there

Workshops with the Client 

New websites were part of a larger plan that was about to introduce a 100-year tradition into the digital reality of the 21st century. In addition to increasing online revenue, another goal was to focusing more on younger readers and stronger attitude to interact with customers.

New forms of monetization have been developed on existing content, through access through a paywall, a digital distribution of e-books, a paid membership, selling magazines subscriptions over the Web. The project has been scheduled according to priorities so that return on investment is delivered as soon as possible.

A gem in the crown of the company. The leading e-commerce of the company, where core products are sold, is steadily increasing its share of revenue in the enterprise. It is a successor of old-school product catalogue, on a modern e-commerce platform, friendly for tablet and smartphone users (RWD).

The first place where smart e-marketing strategy, supported by Kentico EMS, is executed by marketing automation, lead scoring, personalization and others to build the loyalty of new and existing customers. Here tools for cross-sell and up-sell actions on other websites of Publishing House are managed.

There is only one, unified environment for in-house digital marketing now, therefore IT is spending less time and money for integrations.

A transformation from a static website to an information portal with many social media elements, based on „Przewodnik Katolicki” – “Catholic guide” the oldest socio-religious weekly in Poland.

In any case, websites of magazines have to promote a sale of magazines subscriptions, encouraging users to buy content (access to articles) using paywall system, to raise sales level in e-commerce

To deliver tools to support those goals advanced data imports and content migrations were required. Just for only for Przewodnik Katolicki import of almost 40 000 articles, mapping of over 90 categories, mapping of 1700 article authors was performed

The website of a bimonthly magazine "The preacher's library" providing a professional support and spiritual development for Catholic priests.

A customer can purchase access to individual articles (paywall), industry books (in e-commerce) and order the magazine subscription (paper or interactive edition).

Owners of a paid subscription have a dedicated zone with access to additional and premium content. UX and graphic design needed to compatible with modern technical standards and conservative at the same time, and double navigation on the website is reflecting the structure of the newspaper.

"Little Catholic Guide" is a monthly magazine aimed at children between the ages of 7 to 11 years; it promotes Christian values.

Each site is targeted to different audiences, so the UX and graphic design need to be tailored to their requirements. The next issue is a compatibility with modern technical standards like mobile devices support. The work was conducted directly with newspaper editors to maintain consistency with brand guidelines and use employee ideas.

"KNC - Rule us Christ" only in Poland and one of three in Europe monthly for the Liturgical Service of the Altar.

This website helps to build community among readers, such as altar servers or lectors by using the social features of Kentico, facilitates the sharing of knowledge and resources in social media according to prepared digital marketing strategy. The site is integrated with Instagram, YouTube and other SM channels, so it is easier to keep the target group in the range.

"Catechist", a journal addressed to Catholic educators, has been published since 1957.

With a huge amount of articles, it is simple to get a revenue by selling premium content hidden behind the paywall. Buying more credits at once means lower cost per unit, in every scenario credits, are valid for one year from purchase. Predictes with the Client elaborated a paywall model to be comfortable for an end customer, on the other hand, provided high revenue within a reasonable time.

To adapt to the Publisher needs a custom module "Catechist Zone" was developed, it is a separate section for teachers of religion containing learning aids. They can order a free sample textbooks, captured data on potential customers are used to display personalised marketing activities.


This is a twin store in relation to the main e-commerce site, which beyond the core offer of the Publishing House, sells eBooks, books, CDs from other suppliers. There are different pricing policies in both stores, various promotional activities and marketing campaigns are executed.

The ecosystem of the websites was designed to simplify the everyday practice of the marketing team as well. One, global database of visitors activities allows performing marketing activities knowing what was done on other websites. Thanks to Kentico dedicated newsletters, easy creation of personalized landing pages, detailed campaign management can be delivered without an involvement of the IT staff.

Agile approach to online campaigns, rapid evaluation of results allows better budget management, in effect, drive more traffic and in the end, more orders.

Święty Wojciech Dom Medialny sp. z o.o.

A typical corporate website is containing information about the company's profile, a portfolio and status.    

Windows Azure helped us to resolve many possible issues

Custom .Net development for Kentico

The Publishing industry has a specific needs, so custom development was a must have. Predictes keeps all .Net developers and Kentico Certified developers under one roof, in effect delivery of many customized features didn't take much time. 

As usual, the development process was and Agile one and SCRUM framework was used. We had 2 week sprints, and used Git as a versioning system and GitHub as a code repository. The quality was assured by code reviews, manual testing and automated regression testing using Selenium. 

This procedure allowed Predictes to quickly deliver several additional modules, for instance a search engine module with predictive search, taking into account way customers look for books etc.; or a module allowing users to review the products including approval workflow.  

An important product of custom .Net development was a customized checkout process with elements which are raising value of the cart, paywall with paying credits, watermarking on ebooks and many more. 

Kentico integration with ERP

As part of the project, a two-way integration between Kentico-based eCommerce site and the customer’s ERP system was implemented. Cooperation with IT team of the Publishing House and outside company engaged in the administration of the client's ERP was required to deliver requested features.

Communication is realised through APIs, Kentico integration bus and required several custom web services to be designed and developed by Predictes; everything is very convenient and allows to synchronise the stocks in near real-time. It's important because products come from several warehouses and orders have different sources, e.g. in person or by telephone.

Primary product and customer information are pulled from the ERP, and orders are being exported to the backend system. Predictes also developed a custom module to import ebooks as products to the ERP.

Project management and communication

Predictes to that size project assigned two full-time Project Manager to work several stakeholders on the customer’s side. PMs were working on divided parts of the project to keep everything on track. During the project kick-off communication channels, have been established, and it was decided that JIRA will be a primary task management tool. The Project Managers worked with both IT and Marketing to clearly communicate requirements, keep track of project communication and quickly resolve any issues arising during the project.

Having more than one Project Manager dedicated for that size of project ensured that the project was delivered on time and within budget. Communication was held daily with additional status meeting every week. This way both sides were always informed about any risks and could act quickly to resolve such risks. The main assumption the was agreed in term of communication was complete transparency so that any challenges could be managed properly by both Świety Wojciech Media House and Predictes. 

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