Year / Industry:
2015 / Health & Beauty
6 months
UX, Graphic design, B2C eCommerce, ERP integration, Custom .Net development, Azure hosting, Online marketing services, Kentico implementation, Design implementation

Summary is the largest online perfumery in Poland. For nearly 17 years it has been offering original perfumes and cosmetics for retail customers online.

The company has won many awards in prestigious competitions for online stores. In 2014, for another year in a row, it took the first place in’s Ranking of online stores in the Beauty category. However, in the category of "friendliest online shop", it took 6th place but was the only representative of the Beauty category.


Challange needed to replace their legacy eCommerce site to increase their revenue. The company was looking for an all-in-one solution combining Online marketing, eCommerce and CMS features so that they could make the most out of their marketing campaigns and increase their conversion rates through content personalization.   

Custom integration with the ERP package was a must, as well as a reliable hosting with the ability to flexibly scale the computing power during “hot” periods like Christmas. was looking for a partner, who could meet all above needs on the one hand, and who would provide deep expertise and advisory in areas of eCommerce, SEO, Content management and digital marketing on the other.

The solution

Kentico EMS

Kentico was a perfect match to the customer’s needs. This enterprise-class platform offers built-in CMS, eCommerce and marketing feature in one engine, which made crafting the solution easier. Kentico all-in-one solution also allowed to reduce the future maintenance costs, by avoiding costly integrations.

The architecture of the Kentico EMS platform gave us the much-needed flexibility in developing customer-specific features, while still maintaining the upgradability of the entire solution.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allowed for a quick deployment and provided the power and security the customer needs. The solution was deployed as a Windows Azure Web App – this provides the possibility to flexibly manage the processing power to meet seasonal peaks in customer visits and transactions, while only paying for actual usage.


Predictes offered a unique combination of marketing, eCommerce, Kentico development and Microsoft Azure competencies. The customer has a single provider for the entire solution.

The results

Overall results

The company received an e-commerce website solution that would suit the user needs of an always-connected, multi-device world. The new site shows customers how to make the right choice at the right moment.

Number of orders

In addition, average order value increased by 15%.

Reviews expansion

Number of comments and reviews increased by 30%.

Unique visitors

The number of unique visitors is increased by 7%.

15 min.
To the first order

The first customer ordered just after the launch.

The rest of business results

  • Successful relaunch of eCommerce – the sales plan was beaten. 
  • Number of orders increased by 10%, average order value increased by 15%.
  • Time spent on site increased by 15%, social engagement increased by 5%, 
  • Open rate for Newsletters increased by 30% due to personalization.
  • Product detail or stock availability inquiries dropped by 50%, as all the needed information was made available on the site.

Marketing results

  • Marketing is no longer perceived as a cost only - they now clearly generate value.
  • Marketing staff can execute the clear majority of their duties with no need to interact with IT, which increases the company’s ability to execute the marketing strategy.
  • Marketing is now able to test different variants of content, layout and messaging much faster with A/B and MVT testing features of the platform, so they allocate their budgets far more accurately.
  • Marketing finally has the ability to combine different types of activities (lead scoring, personalization, marketing automation, campaign management etc.) in one tool - they do not have to maintain (and pay for) competence in using several different tools anymore.
  • A centralized view of all activities for each customer has been a major improvement in terms of data analysis for Marketing.

IT results

  • There is only one, unified environment for in-house digital marketing now, therefore IT is spending less time and money for integrations.
  • IT’s time has been freed-up, as they no longer need to support marketing in their daily duties.
  • Microsoft’s technology and Azure provide IT with the security and scalability they need, so they do not have to assign an additional resource to create and maintain additional infrastructure.
  • Kentico’s 7-days bug-fixing policy give IT the ability to permanently solve any platform-related problems in a reasonable time.
  • The IT team is secured with ongoing support from Predictes (SLA) and knowledge is being constantly transferred to the company’s IT team from Predictes.

How we got there

e-Marketing strategy

A modern e-marketing strategy was designed for the customer to allow the utilization of advanced digital marketing techniques and marketing tools available within the Kentico EMS platform.

Lead scoring, lead nurturing, marketing automation and personalization were key elements to drive the loyalty and increase the retention rate of both new and existing customers. As a result of implementing this strategy (and a new UX approach), we saw more than 45% of the customers making more than one order.

Custom .Net development for Kentico

As had some unique needs, custom development needed. Predictes used in-house .Net developers and Kentico Certified developers to deliver a number of tailored features. The development process was, and Agile one and SCRUM framework were used. The quality was assured by code reviews, manual testing and automated regression testing using Selenium.

We had 2-week sprints and used Git as a versioning system and GitHub as a code repository. This process allowed us to quickly deliver several additional modules, for instance, a module for internal reviews of the product in customer-specific dimensions like odour intensity, fragrance stability, etc.; or a module allowing users to review the products including approval workflow.

An important effect of custom .Net development was a customized checkout process adapted to local commercial law – it now includes gifts, free samples or information on value thresholds for free delivery.

There is only one, unified environment for in-house digital marketing now; therefore IT is spending less time and money for integrations.

Campaigns and Landing pages

The new site was designed to simplify the everyday work of the marketing department as well. Kentico’s campaign management features and landing page creation capabilities were utilized to launch new campaigns and deliver landing pages effortlessly and with no involvement of the IT staff.

Those two features alone empowered the marketing staff to run comprehensive online campaigns more often and therefore drive more traffic and in the end, more orders.  Personalized Newsletter features were added to increase the customers’ loyalty and create a Human-to-Human-like experience. 

Content migration

As the goal of the project was to replace an existing eCommerce site, a lot of data had to be migrated from the legacy platform to the Kentico-based new one. More than 80 000 users were imported including their passwords and order history.

12 000 products including tens of thousands of related images, thousands of comments were also sucked into the new eCommerce site as well as numerous indexed URLs. All this was a must-have for business continuity and a seamless user transition to the new site.

Content Management and Content Personalization

The new site provides the marketing team with the freedom to manage content on their own, with no need to consult IT. The content layer is completely separated from the development layer. With approval workflows, the content creation process is now streamlined and well managed.

The new site also introduced content personalization – including for instance product lists and banners. This empowers the marketers to tailor the on-site advertising to the behaviour of each particular user. 

UX and Graphics design

Clickable UX wireframes were designed to work on the workflow of the new site and to simulate user behaviour. This allowed for a low-cost optimization of the layouts and for improving the user journey through the site – the ability to view all critical product information on the product list and to add a product to a cart from the list directly were the key improvement compared to the legacy site.

Original RWD designs with lean interface were created to display high-quality images a large amount of information about the product in a user-friendly manner. In the end, this helped us reduce the number product detail enquiries by 50% while growing the number of orders and revenue.

Product information Management

The new eCommerce site combines different data sources for product information. Core information like SKUs, prices and stock levels are being pulled from the customer’s backend ERP software.   The marketing information like description, scent profile, etc. is stored in website’s backend engine. Using the Kentico EMS platform a mechanism was created to automatically assign similar products. To streamline the product information management process, we introduced product variants, which allow the user to quickly select the best product option from a single product data sheet, instead of searching for a new one. 

To improve the product information management process, an approval workflow has been introduced. The product page needs to be approved by the eCommerce manager, and once it is approved – the Kentico-based website engine changer the status of the product, communicates with the ERP software and publishes the product page on the website. The product information publishing process is, therefore, error-poof and reliable. 

ERP and third party integrations

As part of the project, a two-way integration between Kentico-based eCommerce site and the customer’s ERP system was implemented. Essential product and customer information are pulled from the ERP, and orders are being exported to the backend system.

The integration utilized the APIs provided by the ERP package, Kentico Integration Bus, and required several custom web services to be designed and developed by Predictes. The data is being exchanged nearly real-time, which helps to optimize stock levels. Additionally, the site exchanges product data with price-comparison sites, and an external chat tool.

Project management and communication

Predictes assigned a full-time Project Manager to work several stakeholders on the customer’s side. During the project kick-off communication channels, have been established, and it was decided that JIRA will be a primary task management tool.

The Project Manager worked with both IT and Marketing to clearly communicate requirements, keep track of project communication and quickly resolve any issues arising during the project. Having a Project Manager dedicated to just one project ensured that the project was delivered on time and within budget.

Communication was held daily with additional status meeting every week. This way both sides were always informed about any risks and could act quickly to resolve such risks. The primary assumption that was agreed in terms of communication was complete transparency so that any challenges could be managed properly by both and Predictes.

Kentico acts perfectly on Azure platform. Build-in tools helped to improve performance and deliver the perfect customer experience.

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