Elasto Form Polska
Year / Industry:
2014 / Production
8 months
UX, Graphic design, B2C eCommerce, ERP integration, Custom .Net development, Azure hosting, Online marketing services


Elasto Form Polska is a branch of a global company headquartered in Germany. Elasto Global produces and as B2B company, sells personalized promotional products, corporate gifts and giveaways exclusively to resellers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

The company focuses on the highest quality customized products and their design, which is made possible by many of patented technologies and their own project team. Polish branch of Elasto sells products manufactured in other branches and specializes in the import of products from other manufacturers.



Elasto Form Polska needed to change their legacy website with old style online catalogue to increase their revenue by opening the new sales channel. Due to wide the company offer majority of everyday operations like quoting needed to be performed by the company’s crew. The second goal was allowing partners to independently carry out the most time-consuming tasks like a valuation of products, ordering, signing of cooperation contract etc.

The company had the ambition to set the new industry standard at Polish market. The owner decided to build the most advanced, promotional product industry B2B platform, which is will be better that company's competitive and can be a model for the other Elasto’s branches. The website was treated as crucial and a way to build a strategic competitive advantage on a hard and competitive B2B market.

Elasto Form Polska was looking for a one partner, who has many years of business and IT expertise.  Predictes was able to deliver advanced ERP implementation and integrated with it e-commerce solution and perform company’s total digital transformation.  

The solution

Kentico EMS

Kentico with its flexibility and integration possibilities was an ideal match to Elasto’s needs. This enterprise-class platform offers built-in CMS, eCommerce and marketing feature in one engine, which made developing the solution easier. Kentico all-in-one solution also allowed to reduce upcoming maintenance costs, by avoiding costly integrations. The architecture of the Kentico EMS platform gave the much-needed flexibility in developing industry-specific features.

Microsoft Azure

To keep as fast as possible data exchange between Kentico and Comarch ERP Microsoft Azure were used on this project. Both solutions are running on virtual machines, which allows Client's IT team to be in power to manage a full spectrum of settings and control costs. Azure provides the power and security the customer needs. 


Predictes offered a unique combination of marketing, eCommerce, Kentico development and Microsoft Azure competencies. The customer has a single provider for the entire solution.


The results

Overall results

The brand new, attractive image of the company supported by partner-centric B2B e-Commerce solution helped Elasto Form Polska to achieve the new level of UX.

Number of visits

Thanks to word of mouth, positive PR, trade shows, SEO and other marketing efforts.

Number of orders

The increase in the number of orders, but realized by phone / e-mail, Poles like to negotiate a price.

Sales channel

The second and growing sales channel, supporting traditional way of doing business.

User engagement

Decrease in the number of valuations handled by employees by 50%

The rest of business results

  • Extended business: gaining the new types of clients: Companies / Advertising Agencies,
  • Automation of the most common customer service tasks and reduction in time to achieve the same result provided better customer experience and increased number of valuations done by day.
  • Allow customers to self-service with an assessment of products, orders, beginning of cooperation, etc.
    Increase the loyalty of existing customers and attracting new ones - using personalization and marketing automation, optimise experience with A/B tests, etc.
  • Marketing staff can execute the clear majority of their duties with no need to interact with IT, which increases the company’s ability to run the marketing strategy. 
  • Scalability and OSS interoperability with Azure and cost savings are among the most significant benefits the company gained.  
  • The IT team is secured with ongoing support from Predictes (SLA), and knowledge is being continuously transferred to the company’s IT team from Predictes.

How we got there

How to build the new standard?

To jump over the competitors, Elasto needed to design better customer experience based on a modern approach to B2B e-Commerce. Our specialists performed detailed analysis of the client's business needs based on the existing solution and the activities of the international departments of the company.

The new visitors/customers flow was required to incorporate the whole company; the team strictly cooperated with Elasto to overwork UX to keep everything customer friendly as possible. As a result, the core business processes were simplified, thanks to many automatizations.

Custom quoting

The new B2B eCommerce site pulled all product information from Elasto backend ERP software. The whole logic used to order estimation is stored on Kentico side to perform as fast as possible quoting and ordering processes. 

The prices of products are calculated by the kind of customer (non-registered company, an advertising agency with additional discounts), the order quantity, type and amount of colour printing and other options for example pre-production sample. Then there are minimums required production quantities, deadlines, colours to the product, etc.

I have a single platform to perform digital marketing activities in-house
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UX and Graphics design

To simulate the new user flow and new workflows interactive wireframes were designed. The customer journey was transferred (in some way) from offline channels like phone or email to the new website, where could do a full cost and time estimation with the ability to make an order. Original RWD designs with lean interface were created to display high-quality images a large amount of information about the product in a user-friendly manner. 

The website is prepared in accordance with the principles of Responsive Web Design and is available in desktop, tablet, smartphone version. Site functionality varies depending on the device.

Custom .Net development

Due to the unique way of doing business by Elasto, in many areas, the standard solution need to be modified or even created from scratch. Predictes used in-house .Net developers and Kentico Certified Developer to deliver a number of tailored features.

The development process was Agile one and SCRUM framework were used. The quality was assured by code reviews, manual testing and automated regression testing using Selenium. We had 2-week sprints and used Git as a versioning system and GitHub as a code repository. 

This process allowed us to quickly deliver several additional modules, for instance, a custom module for ordering products with extra parameters like print settings, total production time, etc.; or a module for ordering personalised M&M'S Chocolate Candy.

Tailored selling process 

One of the most modified modules is an e-commerce shopping process. In the Elasto you do not buy ordinary product, you customize it with a lot of options that affect the price, delivery date, the date of production - all these data are shown in the shopping basket and send to the ERP.

Completely remodelled customer account panel: as orders come from companies (not individuals), the system associates individual employees (User) that make orders on behalf of certain companies (Customer), authorized users can change their personal or company’s data (changes are synchronized with Comarch ERP) and download invoices.


Kentico acts perfectly on Azure platform. Build-in tools helped to improve performance and deliver the perfect customer experience.
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Project management and communication

Predictes assigned a full-time Project Manager to work several stakeholders on the customer’s side. During the project kick-off communication channels, have been established, and it was decided that JIRA will be a primary task management tool. The Project Manager worked with both IT and Marketing to clearly communicate requirements, keep track of project communication and quickly resolve any issues arising during the project. Having a Project Manager dedicated for just one project ensured that the project was delivered on time and within budget. 

Communication was held daily with additional status meeting every week. This way both sides were always informed about any risks and could act quickly to resolve such risks. The main assumption the was agreed in term of communication was complete transparency so that any challenges could be managed properly by both Elasto and Predictes.

Comarch XL ERP integration

As part of the project a two-way integration between Kentico-based eCommerce site and the customer’s ERP system was implemented. All displayed information about products, parameters come from the ERP system. 

A New Partner registration process is easy from a client perspective but a workflow is complicated and exchanges data between the website and the ERP.

The integration utilized the APIs provided by the ERP package, Kentico Integration Bus, and required several custom web services to be designed and developed by Predictes. The data is being exchanged nearly real-time, which helps to optimize stock levels.

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